Please Think Before You Park

  • Parking on the pavement forces pedestrians – including small children and elderly people – onto the road.
  • Parking near junctions and beds forces vehicles into the path of oncoming vehicles.
  • Parking on verges not only damages the grass:
    • it may damage telephone cables, water and gas pipes, or electricity cables just beneath the surface.
    • it obstructs mowers, risking damage to your car.

Parking that blocks the footpath or highway is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988

If it continues, prosecutions or parking controls may be needed

What Can You Do To Help?

These are some ideas that residents in other areas have come up with:

  • Use the space in front of your garage, and extra driveway space as well as the garage.
  • Leave large trade vehicles at work.
  • Park at the roadside – experience on other Milton Keynes estates shows that traffic slows down and cars rarely get damaged, but:
    • leave three car-lengths clear on all side of junctions and one around footpath crossings.
    • leave room for people to get out of their driveways.
  • Make sure your visitors use your spaces or park considerately.
  • If your neighbour has space, and you are having visitors, ask whether you can use their space for your card that evening.
  • If you have no car, offer your spaces to your neighbours.

Milton Keynes has a lot to be proud of and it is up to all of us to take care of each other, and our local environment. Respecting the local area is the responsibility of all residents and being a good neighbour extends beyond the boundary of our homes.