Easter Window Competition Winners

Published: 06 April 2023

Winners for Browns Wood:     1st - the Dawson family

Winners for Caldecotte:           1st - the Maynard family 

Winners for Old Farm Park:    1st - the Tyers family

                                                     2nd - the Fry family

                                                      3rd - the Fisher family

Winners for The Waltons:         1st - the Horgan family

                                                      2nd - the Prior family

                                                       3rd - the Lindsay family

Winners for Walnut Tree:           1st - the Dean family

                                                        2nd - the Mahoney family

                                                        3rd - the Goodwin family

Winners for Wavendon Gate:      1st - the Dray family

                                                         2nd - the Taylor family

                                                        3rd - the Pearson family