Residents' Survey 2018

Residents' Survey Response Document.

Following our review of the verbatim responses and the summary of the results of the 2018 Residents' Survey (document linked below) we have drawn up this Response Document to inform residents of actions we plan to take or already have taken as a result of the Residents' Survey.

You can see a summary of the results of Walton Community Council’s Residents’ Survey which took place between 27 April and 18 June 2018. The charts and information form an analysis of the responses which will be used to review future priorities and to assist with the budget setting process for 2019/20.

It should be noted that not all of the issues and services highlighted are the responsibility of Walton Community Council. Whilst we may not be able to directly address concerns, we will be sharing the data with our partners including Milton Keynes Council, our local neighbourhood policing team and other relevant stakeholder to continue our commitment to working together to improve outcomes for our community.