Plan:MK was adopted by Milton Keynes Council in March 2019.

Further information and the plan documents can be seen at Plan:MK - Milton Keynes Council ( 

Plan:MK is a local plan for Milton Keynes that will review and replace the saved policies in the existing Local Plan which was adopted in 2005 and also review and replace the Core Strategy which was adopted in 2013. Once agreed, it will decide how much new development is needed and where it should go. The plan will include detailed policies that will be used when making decisions on planning applications.

The Consultation period for the Draft Plan:MK ended on 9th June 2017. Walton Community Council set up a Working Group to look into the document and formulate a Council response. That response can be seen by clicking the link below.


Milton Keynes Council has published its 'Plan:MK Strategic Development Directions' document for a formal 12 week public consultation period.

PLAN:MK Strategic Development Directions Consultation

Officers in the Council’s Development Plans team will be doing their last consultation event on the Plan:MK Strategic Development Directions Document (on how and where Milton Keynes should grow in the future) in the Milton Keynes Library in Central Milton Keynes on Thursday 24 March from 3pm to 7.45 pm. This event will feature a Drop in session, Powerpoint presentation and a Question and Answer session, all are welcome to attend.

Other consultation events taking place include Westcroft Library on Tuesday 22nd March (1:30pm - 6:30pm) and Whaddon Village Hall on Wednesday 23rd March (6pm - 9pm) further details are available on the Milton Keynes Council’s website.

For further information please contact Senior Planning Officer


The consultation document seeks feedback on the development direction that emerged as part of the Plan:MK workshops held in Spring 2015. It is an opportunity to suggest ideas on how and where MK should grow in the future. The outcome of the consultation will assist in preparing a vision and development strategy for Plan:MK.

Paper copies of the Consultation Document can be viewed and borrowed from Walton Community Council's office at MK Snap. Phone 01908 694758 or call in for more details.

The Consultation is running for 12 weeks between Wednesday 13th January and Wednesday 6th April 2016.