Neighbourhood Plan Refresh


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

It is a planning document that sets out local policies for the future development for the whole of Walton Parish. It holds considerable weight when planners, developers and Councillors make decisions about planning applications that impact the area.

What is the Walton Neighbourhood Plan area?

The area covers Browns Wood, Caldecotte, Old Farm Park, Tilbrook, Towergate, Walnut Tree, Walton, Walton Hall, Walton Manor, Walton Park, and Wavendon Gate.

Why is the Plan being refreshed?

Since adoption in 2017, development land in the Plan area has been built out and building of large areas around the edge of our Parish, such as Church Farm and South East Milton Keynes is almost upon us. Add to this planning decisions made about Hindhead Knoll, it was clear the Plan needed to be updated. The Plan will cover the period from 2021 to 2031.

What are the main issues?

Walton is growing, both in population and new development, and pressure from development on our borders is increasing.

The refreshed Plan is being consulted on between 7 October and 18 November 2021.

What you need to do now.

Read the refreshed Plan.
Share the information with friends, family and colleagues.
Paper comments can be left in the post box at MK Snap, 20, Bourton Low, Walnut Tree.

What happens next?

In November the comments will be reviewed and our refreshed Plan will amended as appropriate and submitted to Milton Keynes Council.
The Neighbourhood Plan Examiner will assess whether or not the Plan meets certain basic conditions and will decide if a referendum is required.
Milton Keynes Council is expected to adopt the Plan in June 2022.