Browns Wood Sports Ground

Browns Wood Sports Ground is open for use.

The MUGA is now open in line with Government instructions. See availability on this calendar.

The play area is open.

The outdoor gym is open.

Please ensure both yourself and any children in your care are abiding by the  guidance to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

The restrictions and guidance are:
• All play areas and outdoor equipment are used at your own risk. Please supervise children and others in your care.
• Research has found that Coronavirus can survive for several days on hard surfaces. However the risk is generally reduced (but not removed) as surfaces are exposed to UV light & rain.
• Follow the government’s social distancing guidelines and do not use the equipment if this cannot be maintained. 
• Please remember to bring your own hand sanitiser with you and to sanitise your hands before and after using the equipment. Pay particular attention to ensure children remember to do this.
• Parents should remind children not to touch their faces or put their mouths on to the equipment.
• At busy times let others take a turn to avoid queues building up.
• Refrain from consumption of food or drink on equipment or in playground areas.
• As always, remember to dispose of all litter, including any protective wear and take your litter home if there is no bin or the bins are full.
• If you or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not use the equipment and follow the Government's advice to self-isolate.

See below for guidelines posters for the MUGA and the Pump Track

Brown Wood MUGA Covid-19 GuidelinesBrowns Wood Pump Track Covid-19 Guidelines

Browns Wood Sports Ground

UPDATE 28-11-2019

Some concerns have been raised regarding the weeds and earth bunding around the Pump Track and the new MUGA.

The Pump Track has already been seeded with wild flowers. This decision was taken based on the fact that wild flowers have a very strong root system and are of benefit to all types of wild life.

The bunding works alongside the paddock will also be seeded with grass and wild flowers in the Spring along with at least 2 trees.

Walton Community Council appreciate that, at the moment, the area is not looking at its best, but, we're confident that next year it'll look bloomin' lovely!

UPDATE 27-11-2019

Today is a lovely day!
Today the MUGA (multi use games area) is officially open and waiting to be used!

It's open between 8am and 9pm year round. It's for anyone to use, but, it can be booked for specific use, such as tennis lessons. The tennis nets aren't there all the time, but we do have them! Football goals and basketball hoops are built in to the MUGA and the turf is marked out as well.

Go along and have a look! (someone from Walton Community Council has already been kicking a ball around and has given it a thumbs up!!)

There is a calendar on our website, where you can see if the area is already booked. T&C's and charges do apply to private bookings, and there are conditions of use on.

There are some photos of the completed MUGA. The large piece of very wet ground will be levelled and marked out in squares which can be used for training purposes. Other areas have been grass seeded and will be seeded with wild flowers in the Spring.

multi use games areaFootball goal and basketball hoop

UPDATE 25/09/19
Work on our new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at Browns Wood Sports Ground has started. We hope it will only take about a month to complete. We are delighted to finally get started on this next phase of the project to improve Browns Wood Sports Ground for the benefit of our community. 

UPDATE 11/03/19
The difficult decision has been taken not to proceed with the construction of the pavilion. The cost of the project has increased, having been impacted by the current climate, to the point where the Council felt it could not justify the increased cost and would therefore not proceed to draw down the Public Works Loan.

It is intended to proceed with the installation of the MUGA and enhancements to the car park using the Section 106 contributions available. Further updates on these elements will be provided in the coming months.

UPDATE 22-01-19
The leisure elements of the build are well on the way to completion.

Play Area – Completion of the play area has been delayed due to some parts missing, but these are due very soon and the contractor is ready to complete the installation as soon as they arrive. The area of scrub and shrubs next to the play area have now been removed, which opens the siteline to the site of the pavilion and the multi-use games area next to the pavilion.

Outdoor Gym – Slight movement of the equipment that was found has been rectified and the ground fixings have been reinforced. The level of the pea shingle has been asked about, and this level will settle with time and usage. We have had the brickworks around the outside of the area cleaned up and we are very pleased with how they are looking. The surrounding landscaping is being tidied up in preparation for new planting which is on order, and we are reviewing fencing options along the southern edge of the site.

Pump Track – The works have started on the pump track, with the design being marked out this week. We estimate that construction will take 4 – 6 weeks. Along with the pump track we will be putting in a new path that will link the existing path by Caldecotte Brook to the new play area and on to the pump track where it will join up with the path by the paddock.

During construction of the pump track some of the car park will be closed off to make a compound for the construction vehicles and material. 

Planning permission was granted, subject to conditions. Plans have been re-submitted and we are now awaiting MKC approval, hopefully by the 24th of September.

When we have received this approval we can begin construction work on the Pump Track, Play Area and the Outdoor Gym.

The blue shelter will be removed during this stage and we hope that these features will be completed by the end of this year.

We are provisionally looking to "break ground" for the actual Pavilion in March 2019???


At its meeting held on Tuesday 2 May 2018, the Council agreed that, in view of borrowing approval having been given by DCLG, then subject to all the conditions being met in respect of the planning application, Walton Community Council would build a pavilion at Browns Wood Sports Ground that would be funded by the drawing down of a Public Works Loan Board annuity loan of £1.492m, over a term of 50 years.   

Decisions made by Walton Community Council Full Council about matters relating to Browns Wood Sports Ground Pavilion Build. 

A resident consultation about funding for the Browns Wood Community Pavilion was carried out between 29th January and 16th February 2018.
A letter was delivered to all the houses in the parish and was also published on the Council website and on social media.
From a total of 9102 registered voters in the parish there were 71 responses to the consultation received. (0.78%). Of these responses 38 were against the funding proposals (0.42% of electorate, 53.5% of responses), 26 in favour (0.29% of electorate, 36.6% of responses) and 6 did not state a position but wanted further information (0.07% of electorate, 8.45% of responses). 1 response was in favour of the project in principle but wanted further information regarding the loan.
From the 71 responses received, a total of 44 distinct questions were generated. Responses to these questions can be found in the Consultation Response Document. The document references 2 other documents that are also linked to here, the Consultation Statement and the Evidence of Need.

Latest Plans.

Please click the links below to view the latest plans for the Browns Wood Sports Ground development.


Cost Plans


Planning update
Planning permission was applied for in December 2017 and the application is currently open for comment. The planning reference is 17/03291/FUL  

Legacy posts - Information and events
The events below have already taken place, and the plans are no longer up to date. They are posted here for historical information purposes only.

Browns Wood Sports Ground development plans
Following the feedback from residents at the drop in events in March 2017 and the Summer MK50 event in August 2017 we have continued to work with our Architects to develop the proposals for the community pavilion and the outdoor leisure offer.

The latest plans will be available to see at one of our drop in events where you can discuss them with staff and councillors.

Room 4, MK Snap building,  Bourton Low, Walnut Tree.

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 - 6:30 - 8:30pm

Saturday 25th November 2017 - 10am - 12noon.

We would love to see you there.  


Now that WCC have taken over the management of the sports ground, we are progressing plans for improvements to maximise the potential and provide additional facilities for the whole community. You may have seen the recent improvements and extension to the boundary footpath, with more recently the replacement of the benches and addition of a new one, including the facility of wheelchair access.

The pictures below show some early concept plans of the types of facilities we are considering, all of which have been proposed as a result of community feedback over the last 2-3 years.

Concept Plans

It is important to stress, these are just concept layout drawings to show how the various elements might fit alongside the existing football pitches. No decisions have been taken as yet and we are now inviting residents to find out more and offer their thoughts and ideas before more detailed plans are drawn up.

Or why not come along to one of our drop-in events at MK Snap where you can view the ideas, meet with staff and councillors to give your feedback.