South East MK Strategic Urban Extension



The South East MK Strategic Urban Extension (SEMK SUE) is located to the south of Milton Keynes on land adjacent to Wavendon, Walton, Woburn Sands and Bow Brickhill, straddling the East West Rail railway line. It is allocated in Plan:MK for around 3,000 homes, associated uses, a secondary school, two primary schools, Gypsy and Travelers site and other supporting social and green infrastructure.


The consultation on the Development Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the SEMK SUE is now open, and will last until 19th April 2021.

An SPD is a document that lays out to potential developers what is going to be acceptable in the development area.


This Council is keen that the South East Strategic Urban Expansion Area should be based on sound Milton Keynes principles, including an even spread and density of suitable mixed and affordable housing (maximum 30 dwellings per hectare), supported by suitable infrastructure and an extended grid road system that will allow the free flow of traffic, separated from people with no at-grade crossings.

The potential issues with the SEMK development are many, and one of the main ones is the transport links into and out of the site. The possible transport layouts shown in the draft SPD (pages 49-51) show a combination of scenarios including extensions to the H10, V11 and the creation of a new ‘V12’ road that links from the extended H10 to Bow Brickhill Road. Crucially, none of these scenarios show exit roads that lead to, or cross, Newport Road to the east of the development. In this case all traffic leaving the new estates to travel north and to the motorway, will be forced to travel through Walton on the V10 or V11. Potentially thousands of extra car journeys a day through our parish. It is imperative that our communities in Walton make their voices heard on this and other issues surrounding these plans.

Below on this page is a link to the Milton Keynes Council website page where you can download the Draft SPD, the MKC consultation response form and a list of frequently asked questions. Also linked below are an article from the December 2020 Walton Matters newsletter about the development, and copies of three letters that Walton Community Council have sent to Milton Keynes Council in response to the emerging SPD since September 2020. These letters show issues that WCC have flagged up and may be useful to you in any response you choose to make.

Milton Keynes Council officers will provide two online Q&A sessions during the consultation period. These will be held on 4 March 2021 from 6pm - 7pm and 11 March 2020 from 1pm - 2pm. In order to participate in any of the above sessions please register your interest by emailing You will be requested to submit questions prior to the event. Individual details on how to join the session will be provided to you prior to the event taking place.

What you can do to help!


• Read the SPD, our article and letters in response to the emerging SPD
• Support WCC in its campaign to make sure SEMK gets the transport links Walton needs.
• Tell your local friends and neighbours and get them involved with the campaign
• Respond to the MKC consultation by the deadline of 19 April 2021
• Copy your response to WCC