Hindhead Knoll Project

At the start of the 2017-2018 Council year WCC started a project to improve the public open space at Hindhead Knoll.

The project is progressing well with the first phase of works completed which includes:
• Installation of permanent uplighters under the conifers
• Removal of overgrown shrubs in the areas at the west end, either side of the redway
• Installation of formal entrances at the east end, including dropped kerb crossings and footpaths along with a vehicular access point.

The next phase to commence in the New Year will include the completion of the dropped kerb crossings on the far side of the roads, creating clear accessible paths at both ends of the knoll. In Spring further works will follow:
• Planting of bulbs and re-seeding the cleared area closest to the conifers
• Cleaning up of the herring-bone brick paths at the west end and extending this area to create a ‘square’
• Planting shrubs in the semi-circle and continuing to clear the weeds and paths near the benches
• Replacing missing walnut trees on site
• Installing children’s play equipment at the east end, replacing the youth shelter and creating a safe area of play to be enjoyed by all

Phase 3 of the project - and a priority for 2018/19 will be to obtain funding and commission the sculpture to become the focal point for future gatherings and events on the site.